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Have you ever wondering where is the current location of your driver and your car while you are not around? Or maybe you’re thinking how to have security for your vehicle against car theft?!!!

With Tracking Service, you are able to track your vehicles accurately live via GPS Technology with use of Navteq Maps or with your favorite Google Earth to give you ease of tracking your vehicle. Tracking also give a security feature such use of SAFETY ZONE that will alert you via SMS when your vehicle leave your pre-assigned areas and a lot more features.
Service introduced by STC for the first time in the Kingdom


STC has signed an agreement with the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (SIPA) to provide all of the authority’s security patrols with “Tatabo’o” tracking service. The agreement was signed by Dr. Tawfeeq Al-Rabea’a, General Manager of SIPA and supervised by Eng. Saleh Al-Rasheed, Manager of the Authority’s Information Technology Administration.

The new system is already operational in more than 60 security vehicles in 14 industrial cities around the Kingdom. STC’s spokesperson said that the “Tatabo’o” tracking service is considered as the best electronic tracing and monitoring systems ever devised.

The spokesperson went on to say: “SIPA is keen on providing its security patrols with STC’s “Tatabo’o” service as a solution that significantly advances SIPA’s performance level to the highest global standards,” adding that “Tatabo’o” utilizes advanced electronic systems to monitor the distribution and deployment of security vehicles, thus ensuring that high quality security services are maintained at all times.” The new tracking system includes GPS tracking technology that covers all areas of the industrial cities and monitors the movements and locations of vehicles.

“Tatabo’o” tracking is one of the most highly developed solutions introduced for the first time in the Kingdom by STC through its Al Jawal division as part of a series of exclusive services that are designed for easier life.

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Saudi Telecom particepates in Child Protection Conference in InterContinental Hotel during the date 1-4 march 2009

What can AVL tell me I don't already know?

We are not trying to tell you anything new - we simply increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your existing information gathering process to reduce the paperwork and help you make better-informed decisions, faster. A range of reports are available at your fingertips to enable you to corroborate time sheets, assess routing effectiveness, prove your team visited a particular place (should you need to) and check on individual driving behavior.

Why should I choose the AVL solution?

AVL is a server-based solution which offers multi-user capability and easy-to-use yet powerful functionality – AVL mapping for example zooms in to street level. It’s a solution which allows you to set up a whole range of automatic alerting mechanisms so you don’t have to be glued to the screen all day – instead, AVL will simply tell you when things are not going to plan so you can operate “management by exception”. AVL is operating in fleets ranging in size from 2 vehicles to 20,000 vehicles, so the chances are it will work well for you, too. Additionally , AVL service is the first one offered in Saudi Arabia by the biggest Mobile Operator in the whole Middle East ( STC ).

How much will it cost?

AVL is also the first service to afforded you with Monthly Fixed Rate to help to control your cost. It Also highly cost effective and competitively priced. Pricing will vary from one organizations to another depending on the number of device installed.
However, it is generally true to say that AVL service will help you saving of 15mins of time per man per day, or a fuel reduction of a couple of liters per day will mean that the system begins to pay for itself from day one.

Can I re-configure the system later?

Yes. The system is configurable by you the user, so you can change the configuration settings in the base station software which the system then downloads “over the air” to the units onboard your vehicles. This allows you to adapt the system as your business needs change.

What do I need to run this system?

The AVL service is online tracking solution, so all you need is a PC with internet connectivity.

Where does the unit go on my vehicles?

We usually fit the sealed hardware unit covertly to avoid clutter and reduce the temptation to tamper, but it can be mounted anywhere as per the client’s requirement.

How long does it take to install the hardware to my vehicles?

This depends on the specification of the system required, but in essence a standard installation typically takes around 90 minutes and can be done in any (ideally covered) location that is convenient for your drivers. We endeavor to prepare an installation schedule in a manner which causes minimum disruption to your business.

What about “Sensor add-ons”?

The AVL “black box” acts as a “mobile communications gateway” allowing you to add, for example, load sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors, driver ID keys, door sensors and so on. The case for adding extra sensors and functionality is clearly different for every individual organizations and we always assist clients to carefully think the likely cost-benefit case before committing to such additional investment.


Does the installation affect my warranty?

No, we use trained and recognized auto-electricians to install the units.

What is 'geofencing'?

AVL allows you to “draw” areas on the digital Map provided online to specify the areas where you set up safe and unsafe area. Once the vehicle enters or leave a specific are then you will be alerted.

What does GPS mean?

GPS - Global Positioning System - a space-based radio navigation system comprising a series of satellites orbiting the earth and associated ground infrastructure. The units in the vehicles continually communicate with the GPS system and by a process of triangulation are able to work out the location of the vehicle which is then displayed on the base station mapping screens, generally to with 5-10 metres accuracy.

What does GPRS mean?

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service. This is a high speed 'always on' data transfer link which is used to communicate captured vehicle location and status information from the vehicle back to the AVL servers. Because GPRS is charged out as a price per MB of data per month, GPRS can offer attractive cost savings to clients who have a requirement for higher frequencies of communications with their vehicles. However our service provides unique unlimited GPRS data communication covered by our flat rate monthly plan.

What does SMS mean?

SMS - Short Message Service (a text message). The AVL can also communicate vehicle location and status information back to the AVL servers via SMS. AVL units can be configured to drop down into SMS mode when GPRS coverage is lost,
resuming GPRS communication when coverage is resumed. However our service provides unique unlimited SMS communication covered by our flat rate monthly plan.

What does GSM mean?

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications. The current standard circuit-switched network used by mobile operators.

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